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Asian Studies

Asian Studies majors gain a rounded understanding of the regions most diverse cultures. A major in this discipline allows students to explore the history, literature, and culture of Asian countries. They also learn how to apply these knowledges to their own lives. A major in Asian Studies will prepare students for a variety of careers, including teaching, international business, and government service. To graduate with an Asian Studies degree, students must spend a semester abroad in Asia.

Students can earn a major or minor in Asian Studies. Faculty members come from diverse fields. The Asian Studies Program promotes community involvement and sponsors cultural activities beyond the classroom. Those interested in the field can pursue graduate school and seek employment in government and education. By becoming bilingual, students can also gain practical experience in a wide variety of fields. They may be interested in careers in government or business. However, the major in this program is not required to work in these fields.

The curriculum for an Asian Studies major focuses on the entire area. It includes courses on East Asia, Japan, China, and Tibet. In addition, students will engage in various forms of art and literature in these regions. These skills will help them pursue postgraduate jobs in government, international business, and international law. If you are interested in a career in government or in the field of international business, an Asian Studies major can be a great fit.

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