Heritage Culinary Tour to Mahmudabad Estate

Mahmudabad is one of the oldest estates in Awadh (Uttar Pradesh). The family's ancestors settled in the area in the 16th century. One of the most famous cultural legacies of Mahmudabad are its gastronomical traditions. As part of the tour, you are invited to sit down to a curated slow-meal prepared according to traditional recipies and techniques.

Tour Itinerary

7th Night/8th morning - Bus transfer from Delhi to Lucknow.

8th Morning - Check in to Hotel and then transfer from Lucknow to Mahmudabad.

8th Afternoon - Qila Lunch and visit the local attractions.

8th- Evening - Depart for Lucknow and return to the hotel to rest for 2 hours.

8th- Night - Dinner plus Qawwali in Mahmudabad House (Lucknow).

9th morning - Visit the residency/ imambadas and other attractions.

9th early afternoon - Lucknowi food walk in Chowk and the old city.

9th evening - Bus transfer back to Delhi