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Saturday, July 7th, 19:00 - 20:00                                                       Taj Diplomatic Enclave, Dhaula Kuan 

The Conference Dinner for Panelists will be held on Saturday, July 7th 2018, from 7:00PM to 10:00PM in the Durbar room of the Taj Diplomatic Enclave, Dhaula Kuan. Please bring your conference badge as proof of registration. Please note that entry to the conference dinner is restricted to Conference Panelists (Paper Presenters, Discussants, Chairs and Panel Organizers).

Conference Dinner Concert by ‘Advaita’

A Delhi-based Indian fusion band Advaita, was formed in the year 2004 when the Indian underground music scene was witnessing a transformation. This period also saw an explosion of experimentation by Indian Classical musicians who wanted to expand their horizons and reach new audiences. In this scenario, the Advaita band was formed with the aim to transcend the pre conceived boundaries and make music that would come straight from the heart and speak to the soul. The band name ‘Advaita’ means non duality – there is no difference between the perceiver and the perceived – the jiva (being) and the atman (universal spirit). It is this all encompassing philosophy which drives  music and everything in their lives. The band includes Abhishek Mathur on guitar, Anindo Bose on keyboards, Chayan Adhikari as lead vocals, Western, Aman Singh Rathore on drums, Suhail Yusuf Khan as vocals, sarangi, Hindustani, Ujwal Nagar as vocals, Hindustani, Mohit Lal on tabla and Gaurav Chintamani on bass.

You can read more, listen to and view Advaita’s performances by clicking HERE